Commissioned Work

If you have a desire for us to build a specific custom piece, please contact us via phone or email. We'd love to discuss our policy and the commission process with you in more detail and get started with designing your masterpiece.

2 Griffins uses advanced 3D CAD software to draw all our large scale projects, cabinets, built-ins, and bars. If we are retained by you to design and build your project, the drawings remain our property as they are a tool we use to help you visualize your project. Please let us know up front if you just want us to design your project and purchase the drawings once they are complete, as this option is also available to you. As each commission project is different, the payment terms will be set on an individual basis. Most projects usually are established at 50% before commencement and 50% at completion, or 34% at commencement, 33% at a specific progress point, and 33% at completion. Freight/delivery of all commission pieces are available through a 3rd party common carrier, and will be determined at time of shipment.

First we conduct our initial consultation with you over the phone, discussing features you wish to have in your piece, style, and examples of what you are interested in. When you decide to move forward with us as your designer, we then use these details to proceed with design and development of your piece. After a small project retainer fee is set, we deliver our initial proposal. After a maximum of one set of revisions, we determine the cost of the project and accept the Commencement deposit payment, based on the current project scope. Once we've received the Commencement deposit, we work through as many additional revisions as necessary to get the perfect design for your piece. Any changes from the initial scope are factored in to determine the final project cost, based upon the additions or deletions that have been made. Finally, you formally approve the final scope and any amendments to the initially calculated project cost. At that point, all the hard work is done and we begin construction. Upon completion of the piece final payment is due, and we prepare for delivery.

Here are a few examples of our completed commissioned work...


I'm interested in...

“Thanks so much for slabbing this amazing maple.  You guys have been a

pleasure to work with.  - T. Rementer”